The Future of Power Generation In Canada

Electricity plays a vital role in our day-to-day lives. It powers our homes, industries, hospitals and, in fact, our entire economy. The demand for electricity is increasing. Canada's population and economic growth, combined with replacement of aging infrastructure, requires the development of significant additional electricity generation.

The CCPC believes that coal, along with a diverse mix of fuels like hydro, natural gas, wind, solar and nuclear, will play an important role in meeting the growing energy needs of the future.

That's why the CCPC is researching commercially viable, cleaner power technologies that will be able to demonstrate that coal-fired electricity generation can effectively and economically address environmental issues - including CO2 emissions - and move us forward to a cleaner energy future.

These emerging energy technologies will play an increasingly important role for cleaner electricity production. These technology breakthroughs are the only way to permanently reduce emissions.

Technologies that incorporate carbon capture and storage (CCS) will help Canada reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions.  CCS technologies will enable Canada's vast coal reserves to continue to be an important option in providing power for Canadians.

Our collective challenge is to develop energy sources that are environmentally sustainable, reliable, and affordable. The best way to ensure that Canada's electricity industry meets these goals is to provide power from a mix of fuel sources that includes coal.