Helpful Websites:

Brown Coal Innovation
Doing Interesting Research

Source of information and describes their research activities

Carbon Capture Journal
Reports on CCS news around the world

Carbon Capture and Storage UK
Good set of links to CCS organizations

Carbon Capture and Storage 101
A good source of Canadian and International information on CCS created by the PTRC

CO2 Capture Project
Phase II and III books have very good information on the technologies they have been studying

CO2 Emissions by Source in Canada
One can sort data in this database of GHG emissions

Coal Association of Canada
Good information on coal and coal usage

Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Gas Technologies (CO2CRC)
One of the world's leading collaborative research organisations focused on carbon dioxide capture and geological sequestration

DOE/NETL Website
Can search for subjects and contains reference shelves

EPRI Sites
Can search on this site for very good public and for sale studies

Gasification Technology Council
Lots of good presentations and conference papers

DOE material on gasification

Global CCS Institute
Contains several good reports.  Completing projects on CCS

IEA Clean Coal Centre
Offers many reports and conferences

IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme
Trusted source of information and data on technologies for reducing greenhouse gas emission.

National Carbon Capture Center
Completing research on various CCS Technologies

News, views and facts about low-emissions coal technology

Science Direct
A great place to find papers related to CCS

World Coal Institute
Good information on coal and CCS.  Have a map showing operational and research projects