Phase III Results Summary

Phase III Final Report
    Advanced IGCC
    Coal Beneficiation
    Biomass Co-firing
    CanmetENERGY Research
    Capital Power FEED Executive Summary


Phase III work was focused on:

IGCC FEED:  The CCPC provided Capital Power with one third of the funding required to complete a $33 million FEED study on IGCC.  Jacobs completed the study in the spring of 2010.  The design scope was modified to reduce capital cost. The study showed that the cost to produce power from this configuration exceeded $200/MWh.

Advanced Gasification Studies:  A feasibility study of 10 optimized schemes to capture carbon dioxide from state-of-the-art sub-bituminous coal IGCC and polygen plants has been completed.  The design, costs, risks and other benefits of these technologies has been considered.  The technologies to be studied include:

  • Three 500 MWth Siemens gasifiers (base case)
  • Two 1,000 MWth Siemens gasifiers
  • The Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne gasifier
  • China's TPRI GreenGen technology
  • Retrofit and greenfield Integrated Gasification Steam Cycle technology cases will also be studied
  • Polygeneration to produce power and H2 will be compared to hydrogen production from steam methane reformers with CO2 capture
  • Other cases will be studied but have yet to be defined

CO2 emissions from these cases are expected to be far below those currently permitted for natural gas power plants.

CCS Research:  CCPC is participating in a research program on gasification carried out by CanmetENERGY in the following areas:

  • Canmet will provide a suite of bench-scale and pilot-scale experimental data and modeling results for entrained flow slagging gasification of Canadian coals. 

          - The gasification characteristics of various fuels will be determined. 

          - Bench scale oxyfuel CFBC studies

          - A new high pressure dry feed system, warm and hot gas clean up and coal beneficiation  
            will be studied to improve gasifier efficiency. 

          - Simulations will be conducted to look for breakthroughs in process efficiency and
            environment performance.

          - Computational fluid dynamic models of gasifier components will be created to support
            scale-up and find process improvements.

  • Develop high-temperature hot gas separation of CO2 with solid sorbents. Very efficient high temperature sorbents such as CaO and moderate temperature sorbents such as hydrotalcites and zeolites will be studied at high pressure.

Coal Cleaning Technology:  A comparative study is underway to test raw as-received coal and beneficiated coal using gasification test facilities at CanmetENERGY as part of their gasification research program.  Beneficiated coal samples from several Alberta and Saskatchewan coals are being produced at Sherritt's Clean Coal Technology Centre.  The four areas of study include:

  • Sampling, grinding and analysis of raw and washed coal to be used by Canmet to evaluate the benefits of conventional coal washing for combustion and gasification and to establish a bench mark for comparison.
  • Using a novel grinding technology on one sub-bituminous coal to produce classified coal and subsequent evaluation of the ultimate extent of separability of the ash from the coal product with a dry separation technique.
  • Conducting batch high pressure pyrolysis drying tests on a high-sodium lignite coal and a sub-bituminous coal, to produce upgraded coal for further combustion and gasification studies at Canmet.
  • Employing a new process to produce "ash free" (<2% ash) coal for further evaluation at Canmet to quantify efficiency improvements in both combustion and gasification applications.

EPRI Post-combustion CO2 Capture Retrofit Studies:  CCPC is participating in an EPRI study looking at retrofitting five power plants, including one in Nova Scotia, with advanced amine CO2 capture systems.  The study will determine the thermal and economic impact of retrofitting and the technological barriers and limitations associated with each site.  This project should be completed in 2010.

Biomass Use Evaluation:  The CCPC is participating in a Nova Scotia Power research project to evaluate the potential for co-firing biomass with coal in power plant boilers to achieve cost effective CO2 reductions.  Both laboratory combustion tests and engineering studies of typical utility boiler systems will be carried out by the end of March, 2010.

IGCC Roadmap:  The CCPC is undertaking a study, being conducted by EPRI CoalFleet Program staff, consisting of an engineering and qualitative economic evaluation of technological advances in processes involved in gasification including:

  • Coal preparation and feeding - beneficiation, drying and feeding improvements
  • Oxygen production - ion transport membranes
  • Syngas processing and CO2 capture - warm gas clean up, H2 membranes, various novel CO2 capture processes, CO2 purification
  • The effect of increases in turbine firing temperatures - developments on gas & steam turbines

The base case for this study will be a 500 MWt Siemens gasifier fired on Alberta sub-bituminous coal.  An evaluation of the impact of individual and combined technologies advances on the base case will be considered.  An assessment of the development status of these technologies will also be produced. 

Biomass Cofiring:  KEMA has been retained to complete a study of the various technologies which can be used to complete modest and significant cofiring of biomass fuels in a coal boiler.  In addition they will be reviewing the characteristics of various biomass feedstocks.  KEMA will also recommend a small number of configurations and feedstocks to study further to determine their cost of CO2 avoided.

Coal Beneficiation:  Sherritt will be completing a study on the costs, benefits, risks and status of several dozen coal beneficiation technologies.  EPRI will also look at the impact on CO2 emissions and the economic benefits of reducing specified amounts of ash and moisture for several coals.

For more information, please contact David Butler at (403) 606-0973