Phase II Results Summary

While Phase I took a high-level approach to identify appropriate CCS technologies and benchmark their performance capabilities, Phase II sought to improve on that knowledge through the detailed study of the most attractive technologies to obtain the necessary improvements in performance and cost.  

Phase II was initiated in 2004 and was completed in 2007. Two major work packages were completed for Phase II:

  • Supercritical Pulverized Coal (SCPC) Plants with CO2 Capture - This work package assessed both amine scrubbing and oxyfuel combustion processes.
  • Gasification Technology Optimization 
         Stage 1 - Assessed IGCC technologies that were suitable for low-rank coals. 
         Stage 2 - Assessed feedstock beneficiation/blending as well as optimizing electrical power and hydrogen production to improve the value of gasification. The gasification technologies selected were next generation technologies that are not commercially available today.

 Phase II studies showed that: 

  • Gasification processes have been improved for low-rank coals reducing cost of capture.
  • The economics of gasification are improved by selling hydrogen rather than just power.
  • Further optimization of the amine scrubbing and oxyfuel processes have shown significant improvement over the results from Phase I; however, capture costs for all technologies studied are high.
  • Given that the technologies studied were at different stages of development, it was not possible to determine a preferred technology.  For this reason and because the costs of these technologies appear high, further development of a wide variety of technologies is recommended.

Phase II Summary Report